The Volunteer Ranks
Volunteer Application PDF
Entry Process
1. Drop off completed application to Fire Headquarters.
2. Once background check is completed, you will be notified by email to schedule an interview and initial weigh-in.
3. Attend a meeting with the officers of your assigned company.
4. The administrative office will send out a packet with information for you to obtain a physical after a letter of interest from your assigned company is received. Within seven days of receipt of the packet you must complete your physical.
5. After the administrative office receives notice of the outcome of your physical the company captain will contact you with your status and if accepted, make arrangements for you to meet with the company and complete the entry paperwork.
6. The probationary period is one-year.
7. With in first year new member must be entered into a Firefighter I class pending openings

1. Full physical that meets OSHA Firefighter standards.
2. Yearly lump sum amount deposited in Incentive Plan if requirements are met. Requirements are for attendance at all mandatory drills and 25% of calls for a full share or 12.5% for a half share.
3. Yearly tax abatement given based on Incentive Plan requirements with $1,500 for a full share and $750 for a half for property or vehicles registered in volunteers name with the Town of Southington. The exact amount is determined by amount of tax paid.
4. Fitness reimbursement up to the cost of a YMCA membership.
5. Qualification for Town of Southington health insurance at COBRA rate.
6. Professional firefighter training.
7. Life insurance coverage 24/7.
8. On duty life insurance.

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